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Team Building Activities

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As a supplement story to the team building training guide, I have curated additional activities that you can incorporate in your own team building exercise. You can either add it up in the stations or add a totally new one to increase the length of your session.

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Now, let’s check out these activities and always feel free to tweak it according to the needs and requirement of your own group.


  • Duration – 1 full day or an overnight session

  • Indoor/Outdoor – Suitable for both but recommended for indoor location.

  • Number of Participants – 10-15 persons

  • Set of Activities – 6 

I have created six (6) activities which has 2 activities that are connected to each other:

  1. Mailbox (connected to game 2)
  2. Heroes and More (connected to game 4)
  3. Create A Person
  4. Unity Game
  5. Build me a Tower
  6. Freedom Wall


Activity 1 – Mailbox

Who: All – individually

Task: To write aletter to the person (all if possible) – using the color assigned to them which reflects on the Score board (game 2). Instructions are written on the photo… as
this is a team building activity – it is encourage to say something positive.
Or an advice to be better is applicable.

Activity 2 – Heroes and more

Who: All –individually

Materials – a paper mask / Scoreboard

Task: Each member has to choose a hero, celebrity or anyone whom he/she looks up to. This name then will be his name every time there is an ongoing game. Therefore all
participants shall use that name in communicating to him or her at all times during game time. Anyone who calls the person with his/her real name will get a score on the score board. The many scores you get the bigger chance to get a consequence.

These names (heroes and more) will be used for Activity no. 4

Activity 3 – Create a Person

Who: All, in 2 or 3 groups of 4 persons.

Materials – hard paper, pen/ballpen, scotch-tape in needed

Task: The group of four will create a person using the paper and pen given to them.

  1. The paper will be posted on the wall; it is folded in to 4.
  2. Person 1 will take first folded part and draw a person’s head
  3. Person 2 will add shoulder until hips on the seconded folded part without seeing the head as it is being folded back.
  4. Person 3 – hips to toes (parts 1 & 2 folded)
  5. Person 4 – toes to shoes (parts 1-3 folded)
  6. All then shall give a name to this person.

Who wins? – The group that was able to create a better person whose body is connected to each other.

Activity 4 – Unity Game

Who: All, total number of persons divided into 2. (2 groups)

Materials – Manila paper, pen, masking tapes, scissors

Task: To write the word UNITY into a paper while being blind folded. The faster to finish wins.

1. Connected to game 2 – all members has their own hero name. During this game they have to wear name tags (hero names)- which will cover the eyes part of their mask.

2. They have to choose 1 as the leader.

3. The team has to decide what they will use to make a web wherein they could use to be the carrier of their pen.

4. Wearing their masks, their eyes will be covered with a paper (name tags) for them not to see, they have to write the word UNITY.

Activity 5 – Build Me a Tower

Who: All members (group divided into 2 or 3)

Materials – Spaghetti, marshmallows & small piece of paper cut like a flag, 2-3 strips of papers.

Task: To build a tower using the spaghetti & marshmallows. The small paper will be used as the flag on the top of the tower.

Note: The game master can decide whether to time or not the activity. He/she may give 10 minutes or first to finish. The tower should be able to stand in 10 seconds once being checked by the game master & the other teams. 

Activity 6 – Freedom Wall

Who: All members

Materials – Manila paper or any big paper to be pasted on the wall & pens.

Task: To write anything about the activity or anything at all – freedom to free whatever…

Enjoy and God Bless!







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Intro to The Creative Passport

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This is my ongoing #PassionProject and the vision for my business.

I am dedicating this page eventhough it hasn’t officially started yet but its one of the first step to make it into a REAL, EXISTING and GROWING passion/business goal that is very personal and close to my heart. It is one of the major learning I’m putting action to –  in one of the podcast I’ve been listening (binge listening & watching actually hehe 😂 ) , is that to visualize and to WRITE what exactly what you want. Well, I did write this on my notebook and I am visualizing it here. 🙂


Although I am not ready to officially spill the beans yet, but clues and hints on what it is all about will be freely shared here in my blog ( or on all of my social media accounts. So, watch out for it and hopefully you’ll be able to join me in this venture.
Got an idea in mind? What do you think I’m cookin’?


Feel free to share your thoughts 🙂





The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


My teaching journey has started way way back early kindergarten days. I know in my heart that I want to mold minds and hearts. A truly vivid memory of mine is seeing myself gathering smaller kids and giving them lessons using my small black board and chalk at home. 

This journey is my version of teaching, the online approach. If you are a follower on my personal blog you’d probably know that because I have become an OFW since 2008, I have somehow set- aside this passion. But “once a teacher always a teacher” and so even though AbuDhabi & Dubai haven’t paved way to that field, I am creating it right here – right now. 

I will be sharing that “teacher in me” through lessons/topics that I personally curated on this site. This will be my online school, my teaching room – my head quarters.

This is The Creative Passport school!

Never stop learning!


God bless!

JM Kayne of The Creative Passport